Thanks for following the link! We would love to work with you in a way that fits your skills, preferences and context. Given that our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) is ambitious -- to migrate society to abundance -- we have many moving parts. This page is meant to help you find your way to the parts that fit your journey.

This is what our constellation looks like today: ExO = Exponential Organizations, sparked by this book. ExO Works runs exponential change projects for corporate clients; Fastrack Institute does the same to solve challenges facing municipalities, usually cities. ExO Lever, the platform that holds the ExO global transformation ecosystem and its clients, is where individuals and entities collaborate to complete ExO Sprints, Fastracks, and more projects coming online later this year. Exponential Transformation, a step by step guide to the ExO Sprint is hot off the presses. Organizations using this workbook can provision their own ExO Sprints using this collection of open resources. One such resource is the ExO Canvas, a tool to help you design your own Exponential Organization. ExQ is an organization’s Exponential Quotient, a diagnostic you can apply to your organization. CivX = Exponential Civilization (to the X power). The CivX token powers this movement. CivX Quests are workshops that tackle broad social issues (our institutions), distilling open solutions. Finally, ExO Foundation (the website you’re on now) is weaving these and other initiatives and partnerships together to build a movement for positive exponential change. So, ExO these days has gone beyond its roots in organizational transformation.

Each website tries to be helpful, but we’re in the early days, so finding your path can be challenging. Each of these headers will take you deeper: